Lord Varaha

Temple History

The temple is situated on the northern premises of Venkateswara Temple, Tirumala, on north west corner of Swami Pushkarini and is believed to be older than the Venkateswara Shrine.

As per legend, after saving the Earth from Hiranyaksha, Lord Varaha stayed on this hill on the northern bank of Swami Pushkarini. Hence Tirumala Hills is also referred to as Adivarahakshetra. During the beginning of Kaliyuga, Lord Varaha donated land to Lord Venkateswara on his request. As a gratitude, Lord Venkateswara offered first bell, puja and Naivedyam to Varahaswamy before they were offered to him. This is being followed as a tradition even today.

Daily rituals are held as per Vaikanasa Agama. Chakrasnanam event during Annual brahmotsavams, Vaikunta Dwadasi, Rathasapthami will be held in the mukha mandapa of Varahswamy Temple. Varaha Jayanti is also celebrated.

According to the beliefs, for a pilgrim to have a complete Tirupati visit, he or she first must take bath in the holy waters of Swami Pushkarini, and then offer their prayers to Sri Varahaswami Temple and afterwards visit the Tirupati Balaji Temple.

The statue of Lord Varahaswami in Tirumala is in the form of Adi Varaha, resembling the way Adi Varaha Murti has been described in the Vaikhanasa Agama texts. In the revered Hindu text, Atri Samhita or Samurtarchanadhikara, it has been mentioned that the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Varaha is worshipped in three different forms, namely Adi Varaha, Pralaya Varaha and Yajna varaha.

This temple is open throughout the year. In the month of Shravana, a special abhishekam is performed every year, on the occasion of Varaha Jayanti, when the star of Shravana appears.


Additional Information

Based on the legend, Naivedyam to the Lord Varaha will be offered before offering to Lord Venkateswara. And also, devotees have to had darshan of Lord Varaha before Lord Venkateswara. It is believed that pilgrimage to Tirupati will not be complete without having darshan of Varahaswamy.

The Tirumala and Tirupati Devasthana is easily accessible from the Tirupati City.

This temple city is connected with major cities of the country through by Road, Rail and Flight services. Lord Balaji Temple is located on Tirumal Hills which is 23.2Kms from the Tirupati City. Frequent Shuttle bus services are available from the Tirupati Railway station and Bus station for the convenient of the Devotees reaching from all parts of the country. Tirupati Central Bus station is 23.2Kms and Tirupati Railway station is 21.8Kms from the temple. By flight Tirupati International Airport, Renigunta is the nearest Airport – 38.9 Km to reach the temple.

APSRTC runs free buses from the Tirupati Railway station to Alipiri with a frequency of 30 minutes. The Free bus services,operated by TTD in tirumala are known as "Dharma Radhams" in Tirumala, at a frequency of every 3 minutes in the prescribed time slots. Taxi Cars and Private vehicle services are available to travel to and from Tirupati and Tirum
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