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Sri Palli Kondeswara Swamy temple is located in Surutapalli village in Chitoor district of Andhra Pradesh state near to the border of Tamil Nadu. Surutapalli is located between Tirupati and Chennai cities near to Tirupati-Chennai highway. Sri Pallikondeeswara temple that attracts countless devotees is a place where all deities can be seen with their consorts.Numerous Saints and sages, have visited this temple and have contributed to the sanctity of the soil at Suruttappalli.

Palli Kondeswara Swamy temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. It is a unique Shiva temple since Shiva is seen to be in a reclining pose on the lap of Goddess sri sarva Mangalambika (Parvathi) similar to Vishnu's Ananthasayana pose. This place is also sacred with stones carrying foot marks of Lava & Kusa being traced to period of Ramayana. Dakshinamoorthy is considered very powerful and popular to offer prayers here. Goddess Parvathi is called Marahathambikai and is very beautiful along the side of Valmikiswarar Syambhu Lingam. Kanchipuram Sankara Paramacharya is considered to have spent lot of time here meditating and he is the person who traced this place to Ramayana period findings. Sculptures of Sages and gods such as Brigu, Brahma, Mahavishnu , Markandeya, Naradha , Chandra, Kubera , Suriya , Agasthiya, Pulasthiya, Gauthama, Thumburar, Vashista, Viswamitra, Valmiki , Devendra, Vinayaka and Muruga with his consorts SriValli, Devayani and others are situated in the temple complex.

Pradosha is celebrated with great shradha, popularity and vigour here and as per beliefs, it was here where practice of celebrating Pradosha Kalam started in origin. This temple has huge devotees coming on the 13th day of every fortnight (Pradosham) to offer prayers to the Lord.

During the Ksheerasagara madhana(churning of the ocean of milk) by the Devas and the Asuras, to the wonderment of all those who were present, came out from the depths of the ocean, Goddess Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth, the moon, the sacred cow with the face of woman called Kamadehenu, the sacred and wonderful tree that can grant anything that we desire and called kalpaka vriksha and so many other things. The holy pot containing Amrutha which can give immorality also came out. But the overworked gigantic snake ‘Vasuki’ could not help spitting out a terrible and a most deadly poisonous smoke or gas called ‘Halahala’ and it was capable of killing instantly anyone that inhaled it.

Taking pity on the beings that were engaged in the churning of the ocean of milk and for the well being of all other creatures living on other planets, Lord Shiva consumed the entire smoke that spewed from the snake’s mouth. When the poison was just going down the throat of Lord Shiva, his consort shakthi also Uma stopped it there by tightly holding Shiva’s throat for same time. The blueish poison stayed there and the Lord’s neck turned blue. This incident pleased everyone and endeared Lord Shiva to all and got him countless names such as ‘Neela Greeva’ ‘Neela Kanta’, ‘Nanjundeswara’.

After consuming the poisonous smoke and handing over the pot of Amrutha to the Devas, Lord Shiva proceeded to his favourite abode ‘Kailash’ with his consort Uma. But on the way He felt exhausted and slightly uncomfortable, when he reached a place in the bounds of Andhra, which came to be called Suruttappalli.
There He lies down, as if to relax for some time and perhaps to fathom the love of his devotees including the Devas, keeping his head of the laps of his consort Uma or Parvathi. All Devas who were concerned about Lord Shiva’s well being assembled there and stood around him, waiting for the Lord to open his eyes and cast his gracious looks upon them. This lying posture of Lord Shiva is very rare and is almost similar to Lord Vishnu’s usual posture. The Lord came to be called ‘Pallikondeeswara' and his concert 'Sri Sarva Mangala’.

Sri Dakshina murthy swamy along with his consort are also installed in this temple. Dakshinamoorthy is considered very powerful and popular to offer prayers here.


Additional Information

Hotels and lodges are available in Tirupati city. Transportation facilities are available from Tirupati, Tiruvallur, Nagari, Puttur and Chennai cities.

This temple is situated between Tirupati and Chennai cities. Tirupati, Puttur, Nagari, Thiruvanmayyur and Tiruvallur are the nearest cities to this temple. Buses, taxis and private transport is available from these cities.

Tiruvallur railway station is just 29 kms from Surutaplli. Chennai central is 60 kms and Tirupati railway station is 73 kms from here.

Tirupati International Airport, Renigunta and Chennai International Airport are just 70 kms from the temple.
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