Lord Ganesha

Temple History

The Manikka Vinayagar Temple is the first temple in the Rockfort Temple complex located at the base of rocky outcrop. Manikka Vinayagar is believed to be the Patron deity of the town of Trichy Tiruchirappalli). The temple structure was
first laid by the Pallavas and then completed by the Nayaks of Madurai. The spacious hall on the western side contains pictures and carvings of Lord Vinayaka in his different forms and postures.

The circular Vimanam (domed roof) on the top of this small temple has been recently gold plated and adds to the general solemnity and loveliness. In Manikka Vinayagar Temple, the flag post (kodi-maram or dwaja-sthambam) is placed behind the shrine. Traditionally it is placed opposite the Lord’s shrine.

Originally, the shrine is supposed to have faced the east according to legend. The king of those times stole the Sevvanthi flowers and disturbed the puja of Sarama Munivar. The Lord turned west to punish the king and so the shrine now stands permanently facing west. That is why the flag post is behind the sanctum. During puja, the musicians and the chanters of the Thevaram songs stand on the eastern side behind the shrine.

At Manikka Vinayagar Temple, the Utsavar Murthi of Ganesha is taken on a procession around the temple on Chathurthi, the fourth day of the waxing and waning moon. This is a special day for Vinayaka. Archanais are performed all through the day. Abhishekams are performed twice a day.


Additional Information

Uchi Pillayar is always associated with Manicka Vinayagar at the foothills. It is a general worship practice to pray obeisance with Manicka Vinayagar before visiting Uchi Pillayar.

From Tiruchirapalli International Airport, Manikka Vinayagar temple is 12.6 KM. It is 5.0 KM from Tiruchirappalli Railway Station and 1.0 KM from Tiruchchirappalli Town. From Central Bus Stand Rkt the temple is only 600m.

Lots of buses ply from both Central and Chathram bus stands of Trichy. One can get down at Main Guard Gate or Teppakulam to reach Rockfort.
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