Lord Hanuman

Temple History

Dandi Hanuman is the only temple where Lord Hanuman Ji though Brahmachari ( bachelor) is with his son Makardhwaj , without his Mugdhar (Mace). It is said that this is place where Lord Hanuman Ji met his son for the first time at the entrance of Patal lok.

The image of Makardhwaj is on the left side taller than his father Lord Hanuman on a closer look one finds Makardhwaj image is full but Hanuman Ji is shown above the thighs between the two there is one Dand (club) instead of Gada (mace). Makardhwaj left leg is little raised and crushing a demons skull tail is resting on ground. Right hand is raised above the shoulder in blessing form and left hand is on chest / heart Lord Hanuman Ji right hand is raised above the shoulder and resting on the back of head, left hand is resting on chest/heart , tail is raised above the right shoulder and face is shown in a relaxed mood.

The legend is that at the time of Ram and Ravan battle , the twin step brothers Ahi Ravan and Mahi Ravan of Ravan disguised them self as Vibhishan and Jamvant , kidnapped Lord Ram and Laxman and took them to Paatal Lok to sacrifice them to their deity , Lord Hanuman went in search and reached the Paatal entrance where he was challenged by a Vanara ( monkey) , upon asking who he is he identified himself as son of Lord Hanuman Ji . Hnuman Ji was Bharamchari ( bachlor ) upon asking him if he ever met his father and how he is father because he is a bachelor , Makardhwaj replied that when Hanuman Ji burnt Lanka with his tail and went to the sea to dip his tail in the water to extinguish the fire at that time the sweat from his body dropped and a it was swallowed by a Magar (Crocodle ) and he was born in the kitchen of his foster mother Chandersena who is in service of the demon twin brothers and he is also employed by them to not to allow any one to enter the Paatal Lok , at this point Lord Hanuman Ji gave his introduction and wanted to enter , hearing the noise Chandersena came out and upon knowing the story agreed to help Lord Hanuman Ji and after killing the twin brothers Lord Hanuman Ji bring Lord Ram and Laxman back to the safe place , before leaving, upon the request of Chandersena they made Makardhwaj the King of Paatal Lok .

As the temple is approached the chanting of the “thryodhashari” Mantra "Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram" renders the air. In the centre of a big open space a small temple under the pepal tree had been built for Sri Hanuman and Sri Makaradwaj. The temple is east facing. Wherever you turn the “thryodhashari” mantra is written. Today the temple complex in huge, all around the compound the chant of “Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram” is heard. There is idol for Sri Ganesa and Sri Kalabairava in the temple facing north.

Devotees suffering of chronic health problem or other problem visit this temple and take a supari from the priest with an understanding that they will chant the ‘thryodhashari’ mantra with the supari in hand and return the same to the temple once their wishes are fulfilled. There is a local belief that Sri Hanuman is going down the earth by a measure of grain every year and the kali yug will come to an end once Sri Hanuman leaves this place to take up the position of Sri Brahma for the next kalpam.

Sri Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated here for seven days and attracts very large devotees of entire Gujarat and Maharastra.


Additional Information

Every year during Dussehra Sri Dwarakadhish of Byte Dwarka adorned like Sri Rama, visits this temple in a palkhi [palanquin]. Sri Krishna adorned as Sri Rama is not seen anywhere in the country.

From Porbandar Airport the temple is 147 KM and from Jamnagar Airport it is 154 KM. It is 9 KM from Okha station. Buses are available from other cities in Gujarat up to S T Stand Okha from where the temple is 9.8 KM.

Cycle rickshaws, horse carts, auto rickshaws and buses are available from the town to travel to the famous Hanuman Dandi Temple.
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