Goddess Kali

Temple History

The temple was remodelled in 7th century by King Harhwardhan. It is believed that the great poet Kalidas attained his scholarly skills by true dedication to Goddess Kalika.

According the legends as mentioned in the linga puran, when Lord Rama was returning to Ayodhya after winning the war, he stayed near Rudra sagar. The same night Goddess Kali went out in search for prey and reached this place where Lord Rama was resting. She tried to catch Lord Hanuman as her prey but Lord Hanuman grew in size and became enormously large which frightened the Goddess and she escaped from this place leaving a few traces of herself at this spot where temple was built. The temple exists since Satyuga and the statue of the deity also belongs to the same period but it was constructed during the era of Mahabharata and reconstructed in 606 B.C by Emperor Harsha .


Additional Information

An exquisite status of Lord Ganesha has been placed in the temple. Other idols of the famous Hindu Gods and Goddesses have been erected in the temple. The festival of Navratri is one of the famous celebrations in the temple. The temple is wonderfully lit and appears illuminated in the dark nights. Goddess Durga is worshipped during this festival. Regular prayers and artis are conducted in the evening hours. You can participate in the religious ceremonies and seek the blessings of Goddess. The temple has been restored over the past years to preserve its religious and cultural heritage. You will find flocks of devotees visiting the temple all around the year. The researchers and scholars visit this temple to seek the blessings of Goddess Kalika so that they can excel in the field of education.

From Devi Ahilyabai Holkar International Airport, Indore this temple is 61 KM. It is 4.3 KM from Ujjain Jn station and 5.7 KM from Shaheed Raja Bhau Mahakal Bus Stand, Ujjain. Autos and taxis are better options to go to the temple.
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