Lord Ganesha

Temple History

Maha Ganapati Temple is located just a few metres away from Mahabaleshwar Temple. This temple was built in honour of Lord Ganesha, who succeeded in taking the Atmalinga away from Ravana.

Ganesha deceived the demon Ravana and saved the Atmalinga that is now installed in the Mahabaleshwar temple. Within the temple is a granite image of Ganesha. The image is 5 feet (1.5 m) tall folding his two hands ; at the top of its head there is hole that is said to be a mark of a violent blow inflicted by Ravana. The temple has its own identity and is also known as "Sidda Ganapati".


Additional Information

As per legend, tourists need to first visit this temple before heading towards Mahabaleshwar Temple.

From Mangaluru International Airport , Maha Ganapathi Temple is 235 KM. It is 22 KM from Ankola Railway Station and 450m from Gokarna Bus Stand.

Buses are available to Gokarna from Bangalore, Mangalore and other major towns and cities in Karnataka.
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