Lord Shiva

Temple History

The temple is constructed in Nagara style of architecture, common among the temples in Amer town and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shiva Temple is at the entrance housing the Shivling which is below the floor level; uncommon for the Shivling. As per the local legends, this entire area gets submerged in water during the monsoon season.

As per the legend, Kakil Deo, a Kachhawa rajput ruler heard a strange incident through his informant. One of the cow would give milk only at a certain spot. The curious kind ordered his men to dig up the spot. Upon digging, a Shivling was found. Thereafter, the king had temple constructed at this very site which is now known as Ambikeshwar Temple.

Many people claim that this temple is 5000 years old. In reality, it’s a laughable claim. History of Rajput rule over Amer town itself dates to 1070 AD. From my personal experience, such false claims and stories are created by priest community for understandable reasons. Their livelihood is dependent on devotees. Using such tricks they want to ensure that devotees keep coming back. Claims of a temple being 2000 or 5000 years old is rubbish and cannot be proven with facts. If you ever come across such claims, corroborate the same with logic and facts. As per historians, Ambikeshwar Temple dates to the 10th century. It is also known as Unda Mahadev.


Additional Information

There is reservoir (kund),named- panna meena kund is fixed near to sanctum, inside the temple.There is also a Sheetla Mata Temple and other god’s temple. Lord Krishna's tonsure ceremony was held in this place.

From Jaipur International Airport the Ambikeshwar Mahadev temple is 27 Km. It is 13.5 Km from Jaipur Jn. and 16.1 Km from Jaipur Bus Stand. From Amer Fort Bus stand it is only 1.2 Km
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