Lord Krishna

Temple History

In this temple, there are three Thayars- Rukmani, Sathyabhama and Senkamalavalli. While the first two Thayars are present in the Moolasthanam along with the Moolavar, Senkamalavalli Thayar is having a separate shrine. She is also present along with the Utsava Murthy. In the Moolasthanam, there is a small vigraham of Child Krishna under the protection of Adisesha ( Santhana Krishnan) which could be seen on the right side bottom corner of the Moolasthanam photo. Childless couples pray to Him to be blessed with children.

This is one of the few Kshetrams where you can have darshan of Lord Krishna playing flute. All the beings-human and others-were mesmerised by His Music. This is nicely depicted by the way the cow standing behind the Lord in the Moolasthanam. During Mahamaham, this Lord comes to Kaveri banks and gives darshan to nine holy rivers. Hence it is considered very auspicious to have His darshan on that day so that one could get the blessings of the Lord as well as the Holy rivers.

The Sthala Puranam stresses the main aspects of the Krishna Avataram. The cow in the Moolasthanam, represents human beings. Those who are completely involved in Krishna Bhakthi would totally surrender to Him and will act as per His dictates. Krishna’s acts of stealing the butter etc should not be considered as mere pranks of a child or equated to ordinary thefts. It implies that those who are endowed with wealth should share them with the “have nots”; otherwise, the Lord would ensure that this done by His Leela. In this temple, Krishna appears as a cowherd; still He is called Rajagopalan. The Bhattar explains that even a person from low levels of life, could attain the highest position by his devotion and hardwork.


Additional Information

The moolavar presiding deity, is found in his manifestation as Rajagopalaswamy. His consort is known as Sengamalavalli. Garudasevai is one of the main festivals of the temple

From Trichy Airport , Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple is 100 KM. It is 1.3 KM from Kumbakonam station and 2.1 Km from Kumbakonam bus stand. From Kumbakonam Bus Terminus it is 550m
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