Lord Rama

Temple History

This is relatively a new temple of 200 years vintage. This is basically a Rama Temple. In the Moolasthanam, Sri Rama is present along with Seetha Devi and both are carved from the same stone! Perhaps this must be the only temple where both Rama and Seetha are from the same stone! Lakshmana, carved from another stone is on the left side of the Lord. Sri Rama appears with Jatamudi crown with Konrai flowers for decoration. The Utsavar is Sri Rajagopalar with Rukmani and Sathyabhama flanking Him on either side. The Prakaram houses the shrines of Shri Andal, Shri Nigamantha Maha Desikan and a Vinayakar ( another rare Vishnu temple Ganesa!). There is also a beautiful Hanuman shrine in which the Anjani Puthra has locks of hair, belled tail and a lotus flower in His hand.


Additional Information

In this temple the Moolavar is Lord Rama flanked by goddess Sita, carved in the same granite stone. This Dharsan of Sri Rama and Sita together is not to be seen any where else. There is the Deity of Sri Lakshmanan on the left of Sri Rama wearing Jadamudi crescent moon and konrai flower. The Utsavar Moorthy - Sri Rajagopala Swamy flanked on either side by Goddess Rukmani and Goddess Sathyabama.

From Trichy Airport , Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple is 99.6 KM. It is 2.6 KM from Kumbakonam station and 3.0 Km from Kumbakonam bus stand. From Kumbakonam Bus Terminus it is 2.0 KM
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