Lord Rama

Temple History

As this temple dates back to a period before the other three well known temples of this temple town–Sarangapani, Ramaswamy and Chakrapani, the Lord here is referred to as Aathi Varaha Perumal.

Having not allowed the Rishis for a direct darshan of the Lord at his abode in Sri Vaikuntam, the security guards (Dwarapalakas)- Jayan and Vijayan- were cursed to serve tenures as asuras. Hence, they were born as Hiranya-Hiranyakashipu, Kumbakarna-Ravana and Dhandavatran-Sishupala.

During the first of their `Stints in this asura form, Hiranyaksha takes Goddess Earth to the Nether World. Lord Narayana took the Varaha Avatar to defeat the asura and bring Bhoo Devi back to the earth.

Having brought the earth back and as per the prayers of the rishis, Lord Varaha provided darshan here with Goddess Bhoo Devi on his lap.

As the Lord came together again with Bhoo devi at this place and provided darshan in a Kalyana Kolam, this temple is said to be a prarthana Sthalam for unmarried people.

Also, Aathi Varaha Perumal and Ambuja Valli Thaayar are said to provide solutions to all land/ house related issues if one offers sincere prayers at this temple on Tuesdays.

Joint visits to this temple by couples and performing special archanai here is said to prevent separation and keep the couples together.


Additional Information

The moolavar presiding deity, is found in his manifestation as Varahaperumal. His consort is known as Boomidevi.

On the 7th day of Chitrai, the Lord from Sarangapani and Chakrapani temples come here on a procession.

From Trichy Airport , Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal is 99.3 KM. It is 2.6 KM from Kumbakonam station and 3.0 Km from Kumbakonam bus stand. From Mottai Gopuram Bus Stop it is 700 m
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