Lord Shiva

Temple History

A large number of devotees will visit the temple of lord Shiva on small hill called Moti Dungri, meaning ‘Pearl hill’ in the middle of the city which is opened to visitors once in a year on Maha Shivratri, The temple is located in the Moti Dungri palace which is the private property of ex-rulers of Jaipur. At the foothill of Moti Dungri is the famous Ganesh Giri temple. It is believed that Lord Shiva performs Sadhna here alone, without his family being in the presence. Mooti Dungari fort was once known as Shankargarh because a saint by the same name had performed Samadhi here.

It is said that initially along with the Shivling, the statues of Shiva's family members were also present in the temple which disappeared after sometime. Then people again kept the statues which again disappeared and then no one ever dared to do so.
Many devotees and worshippers will apply the Tripundra Tilak consisting of three horizontal stripes of holy ash symbolizing spiritual knowledge, purity and penance or yoga. The devotees will flock temples to bathe the Shiv Linga with water, milk and honey; offer bel-leaves; and take vow for purification of the soul.


Additional Information

The expenses for the temple is beard by the Royal family members who also visit the temple regularly for worship and perform Abhishekam with 1000 pots during the Hindu month of Shravana.

From Jaipur International Airport the temple is 8.9 km. It is 6.3 KM from Jaipur Jn and 5.2 KM from Gandhi Nagar Railway Station. From Bus Stop, Opposite Birla Mandir, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Tilak Nagar, the temple is only 700 m however from Jaipur Bus Stand it is 4.5 KM
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