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Temple History

The Sri Ranganthaswamy temple in Shivanasamudra, in the Indian state of Karnataka, is a temple dedicated to the Hindu God Ranganatha, a manifestation of Vishnu. While there are numerous Ranganatha temples in South India, and many of those are located along the banks of river Cauvery, there are three temples within the islands that are formed within the river itself. The temple is one of a such three major temples that are built on three different islands on the River Kaveri, the others being those at Srirangapatna and Srirangam.

is built in the Dravidan style of architecture. Sri Ranganathaswamy here is also referred to as "Madhya Ranga", who is highly revered by Sri Vaishnava devotees among others. Among the three forms of Ranganatha, the deity here is believed to represent the youthful form of the supreme being and hence is also fondly referred to as 'Mohana Ranga' and 'Jaganmohana Ranga'. Madhyranga is an ancient temple housing a beautiful idol, yet being located remotely sees few visitors.

The legends state that river Cauvery, which flows on either side of the temple like a garland, was obstructed by a rakshasa who had taken the form of a rock at a place near Shivanasamudram. Cauvery appealed to Lord Shiva who destroyed the rakshasa, hence the name Shivanasamudra.

It is believed that Devendra was cursed and was advised by the Saptha Rishis that he install an idol of Lord Ranganatha at this location and that it should be a replica of the seshashayana form of Lord Maha Vishnu in Vaikunta. Devendra acted accordingly and installed the idol, of the Lord Ranganatha made of Saligrama stone, and was redeemed of his curse.

It is also said that the Saptha Rishis take their saayam sandhya bath and perform other holy rites in the river Cauvery at Barachukki. Hence this place is also known as "Saptha Rishi Kshetra." Taksham, one of the nagadevatas, is the Kshetrapala (presiding deity) at this place.

The Amrutha Kumbha which was brought down by the Saptha Rishis is believed to be kept under the Sanctum Sanctoram, 60 feet below the idol of Lord Ranganatha. This Kumbha is meant to rejuvenate the world after pralaya. The Kumbha is said to be guarded by Lord Anjeneya, Goddess Durgadevi and Agasthya Maharishi with Lopamudra.

The history of this temple is sculpted on a pillar in the famous Someshwara temple in Ulsoor, Bangalore.


Additional Information

Triranga Darshanam is of a great significance among Vaishnavas in South India. Visiting Adhi Ranga(Sri Ranganatha Swamy at Srirangapatna), Madhya Ranga( Sri Jaganmohana Swamy at Shivanasamudra) and Anthya Ranga(Sri Aranganathar of Srirangam at Trichy) between Sunrise and Sunset is termed Triranga Darshanam.

From Mysore Airport this temple is 75 KM. It is 74.2 KM from Mysuru Junction and 17.7 KM from Kollegal Bus Station. Taking a private vehicle from Kollegal is advisable.
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