Goddess Pateshwari

Temple History

It is the temple of Ma Pateshwari and goes by the name Devi Patan. The temple is one of the famous 51 Shakti Peethas of Ma Durga.

It is said that the right shoulder (called as Pat in hindi), of Mata Sati had fallen here and hence it is also one of the Shakti Peetha and is called as Devi Patan. It is a place of great religious importance and one of the prominent temple of terai region.

Guru Gorakshnath of the Nath Sampradaya established Devi Patan Siddha Peeth. The present temple is said to be constructed by King
Vikramaditya and in the 11th century King Suheldeo of Sravasti renovated the temple. Today the Royal family of Balrampur is the caretaker of the


Additional Information

During Navratri a large fair takes place and on Chaitra Panchami the deity of Pir Ratan Nath from Dang in Nepal is brought to Devi Patan temple and worshipped along with the Devi.

From Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, Amausi, Lucknow this temple is 195 KM. It is 1.3 KM from Tulsipur Railway station
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  • Contact Number: 09120432014