Lord Ganesha

Temple History

Anegudde’s famous Siddhi Vinayaka temple has a history dated back to centuries. The village is known for the demon Khumbasura who was murdered here. The story goes like this, as per the mythological references. Sage Agastya was performing a ritual for the wellbeing of the people. The demon Khumbasura was trying to the stop the yagna, when Bheem, one among the Pandavas killed the demon. Bheem killed Khumbasura with a powerful sword that was given by Lord Vinayaka. After the successful completion of the ritual, the people of the place became prosperous. Later, people began to worship Lord Vinayaka.

In Anegudde, the Lord Ganesha is in the standing position with four hands in the Sanctorum. The two hands held up, known as the “Varad Hasta” (offering divine boons). The other two hands are pointing downwards, which means salvation. The Idol of Ganesha has a silver armor that gives a magnanimous look. The temple has many scriptures that are related to the ancient Puranas.

Anegudde is also known as Mukthi-Sthala (place of salvation). The place contains the benefaction of Lord Vinayaka. “Kumbhasi”, another name for the place came from a legendary tale of a mythological demon character called Kumbhasura.

Devotees do Tulabharam, by weighing sugar, coconut, jaggery, rice against their weight. Special yagnas like Rangpuja or Ganahoma are also conducted as per the devotees wish. Many even come to offer their prayers and are believed that the prayers offered here are always answered.

12 feet tall Aane Gudde Vinayaka is 'UDBHAVA MURUTHI' (Natural Stone), a single stone in the form of very elephant itself. The Tilak on the forehead is made of Sri Gandha (Sandle Paste) and the God has Swrna Mukha made of 5 Kgs of pure Gold. Rest of the Kavacha (Idol's body) is made of pure Silver.

It is also believed that the statue of Lord Ganapathi is growing every year.


Additional Information

A large group of people visit the temple during the auspicious month of Ganesh Chaturthi for offerings and to seek blessings. During December, to witness the Rathotsava, many people come during the first week of the month.

From Mangaluru International Airport , Anegudde Vinayaka Temple is 89 KM. It is 10.4 KM from Kundapura railway station, 7.5 KM from KSRTC Bus Stand, Kundapura and 1 KM from Kumbashi bus stop.

Regular bus services are available from Kundapur to Khumbasi. People can even board a bus from Mangalore to Udupi to reach Kumbhasi.
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  • Contact Number: 08254-261079, 267397