Lord Shiva

Temple History

Madareshwar Shiva Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is a famous temple situated inside a natural cave located on a hilltop in the eastern part of the city. Since it is a Shiva temple inside a cave, devotees visiting this shrine liken it with the great pilgrimage of Amarnath. Maha Shivratri is an important occasion when the Rudra Abhishek Pooja is carried out here. The temple serves as the starting point of the Kavadi Yatra that ends at Baneshwar Temple. The yatra is done on foot and includes bringing the water of river Mahi and conducting pooja (worship).


Additional Information

This is a famous temple of Lord Shiva built inside a natural cave on top of a hill towards the eastern part of the city .It provides a sensational view.

From Udaipur Airport the temple is 165 KM. It is 86 KM from Ratlam Jn and 1.4 KM from Banswara Bus Stand.
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