Lord Shani Dev

Temple History

Shree Shani Dham Temple is equipped with the natural Rock Idol of Lord Shani, as the chief deity. Apart from this, the other fabricated idols are also established since long..

These Idols were being worshipped, adored for long- long times but in last few years i.e. on 31 May 2003 when the largest Radiant Shani Idol was unveiled by ‘Anant Shree Vibhushit Jagat Guru Shankracharya Swami Madhavasharam Ji Maharaj', Since then it has become the center of attraction for the devotees of Lord Shani. Remember, before this unveiling of the radiant Idol of Shani. Shree Sidh Shakti Peeth Shanidham Pithadhishwar Shree Shree 1008 Mahamadaleshwer Paramhans Daati Ji Maharaj (Nijswaroopanand ji Maharaj) had performed enchanting of Shani Mantras for one hundred Crores and thirty two lakhs (in numbers) on this sacred grove. With a result, the whole environment of the Shani Dham Premises has become so alive that most of the problems of the devotees of Lord Shani are automatically solved, when they happen to reach this temple. Whatever troubles are left behind, they are also solved by their worshiping here and by offering oil (Telabhishek) to Lord Shani.

Shree Shani Dham is divided into two parts the eastern and the western. Herein, apart from the highest of Shani Idol, the attractive endowed statues of other gods and goddesses are also erected. By worshipping through these statues, the devotees get their desires fulfilled. Apart from this, there is a big library and a research center, in the Ashram Premises itself wherein many a learned men keep on making research over Lord Shani as well as over other religious view points. Here, all sort of questions related to astrology, Ayurved, Yoga and the Tantra are being answered. Rather Sage Rajasthani ji himself remains available all the times in order to answer such questions to the curious devotees. He also suggests remedial measures thereof.

In the eastern part of Shani Dham the eight metalled largest radiant Shani idol has been erected. This Idol attracts the visitors from far away. The main door of this eastern part falls in the west side. The ‘Vastu’ of this part makes a visitor wonder struck for few moments. As soon as one enters into the main door, he prospects the huge radiate idol of Lord Shani and the Shani rock too. On North and south, both sides there are Shani statues erected, wherein Shani Maharaj ji is riding over his various rides. Prospecting these beautiful radiant Statues of Lord Shani, the visitor is strongly attracted and remains undone. On the left and the right sides of Shani Shila (Rock) the Statues of Bhairav Dev are established. Prospecting these statues the visitors get deprived of their sins, committed by them since the long-long births.

In the east side of ‘Shani Shila’, is a big hall, wherein symbolic idols of the twelve 'Jyotirlings' are established. On the top of this hall, the huge eight metals statue of Lord Shani is posted. All the devotees get their desired wishes fulfilled, prospecting Shani Shila and Statue posted in the temple premises. On the eastern side of this hall, arrangements are made to provide “Pujan Samagri”. For security reasons as also to facilitate the devotees such an arrangements have been made. In another room, rare astrological books and material for Shani poojan is made available. Books and magazines published by Shani Dham on various occult sciences are also made available for sale. Near the main gate, there is an enquiry office, reception office and the publication department.

In the western part of the ‘Shani Dham' western faced huge Shani statues are erected over the buffalo and the vulture. These statues are worshipped and ‘Telabhishek’ is made over here on every Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. In order to join ‘Telabhishek’ for a special purpose i.e. for the fulfillment of some desires or to deprive yourself of the various troubles or in order to perform of ‘Telabhishek’ on ‘Shani Amavasya, one has to obtain such (related) complete information from the organizer, in Shani Dham. Here, embracing and kissing the idol is a traditional ceremony. Offering our footwear’s as shedding off the poverty is another remedial measure. Only prospecting Lord Shani reverently removes the sins of human beings.

On every Saturday and on Shani Amavasya religious performances to pacify Lord Shani are made in this temple. Thousands of devotees get rid of their troubles, caused to them because of the malefic Shani, posted in their birth horoscope.

On the right side of the two Shani Statues, the idol of Lord Hanuman ji is posted there. It is faced towards South. On the left side of this idol, is the oblation pool. Again on the South side of this pool the idols of the nine planets are posted. Exactly Opposite to this, there is an arrangement for the devotees to take a bath. Here the devotees perform worship and Telabhishek (wearing red ‘Lungi’), after bathing and remaining in wet cloths. On every Tuesday, Lord Hanuman ji and Maa Jagdamba are also worshipped besides worshipping Lord Shani. A person ambitious to join this special Pooja on Tuesday can inquire about from the organizer as to what sort of poojan material is required for such performance.

In another cell, on the south side of the hall Jagdamba Maa, the huge ‘Shiv Lingam’ and the oblation pool is posted. On the west side of this hall is again another big hall. In this hall some special religious performances, my own satsang and speeches and the mediation meetings are held. Adjacent to this hall, is my own big hall for my special contemplation. In this big hall facing towards East, is an idol of Ardhanareshwar. I perform Sadhna in this hall. Generally, I meet people in the Ashram premises. Under special circumstances, I meet them in 'Sadguru Cell (Sadguru Prakostha)', at the north side of this hall.

The sacred atmosphere of Shree Shani Dham temple takes away the negativity of each devotee, as soon as he enters into the premises. I keep on performing here huge religions ceremonies. We perform Navratra Poojan, Deepawali Poojan and Special Poojan on Shani Amawasya through meditation campus and through various other adorations as well.


Additional Information

At Shani Dham, each devotee worships Lord Shani directly. He performs circumambulation around his idol himself. There is no Priest, Pandit or a middle-man, between the devotee and Lord Shani. Each devotee is his own priest and the true feelings of him are the true mantras and their results are visible very shortly. The doors of Shani Dham are open to everybody. Each and every devotee of Lord Shani is welcomed here without any favouritism.

By Air: Indira Gandhi International Airport is the official airport of Delhi, and is around 16.6 km from Shanidham mandir.

By Rail: Delhi city operates a well connected metro rail. Nearest metro stations to the temple are Chattarpur station 8.2 km and Qutub metro station. Nizamuddin Railway Station is 20.1 KM and Faridabad station is 21.7 KM from the temple.

By Road: Several state government run buses and taxis operate round the city which transport to Chattarpur area. From Shani Dham Mandir the temple is 650 m
  • Monday – Saturday: 11.00am – 2.00pm & 3.00pm – 7.00pm
  • Contact Person: Officer in charge
  • Contact Number: +91-11-26654400 , 26653600,09958794885, 0920549687