Lord Krishna

Temple History

Though known as Jor Mandir (meaning pair of temples), it is actually a complex of three Eka-Ratna temples: Two big temples of same size and a small one. These temples were built by Malla King Krishna Singh in 1726. These ‘Eka-Ratna’ or ‘single towered’ temples are made of rust-coloured laterite. The big temple has a square base of 11.8m X 11.8m and a height of 12.8m above a low platform. The roofs of all three temples are typical Bengali 'chala' type surmounted by a ‘sikhara’ or tower. Around the innermost sanctuary where the idol is kept, there are covered porches on three sides. Except the rear wall, on each of these three sides there are three arched openings. The frontal façade of the temples were once decorated with beautiful art works of lateritic material and stucco depicting mythological events.


Additional Information

Most of the decorations have ruined.

The temple is 144 KM from Netaji Subhash International airport, Kolkata. It is 3.1 KM from Bishnupur Railway Station and 1.6 KM from Bishnupur Bus Stand.
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