Lord Krishna

Temple History

The temple is located on the banks of the Bhadravati River, a tributary of the Banas River in the hills of Aravali. The principal deity is of Lord Krishna which was brought from Amer by Shri Gopal Singhji and installed here. The idol of Shri Krishna is 3 ft. high while that of Shri Radha is 2 ft. high and they are made of Asthadhatu.

It is believed that Shri Gopal Singhji got victory in the battle of Daultabad. After this the king in his dream saw that Lord Krishna instructed him to fetch his idol from Amer and installed at Karauli. The king of Karauli therefore, brought this idol and got this temple constructed to enshrine it.

It is also said that to protect idols of Lord Krishna from Mughals, two idols were brought from Vrindavan and placed one at Karauliand another at Jaipur. It is said that to complete the Govardhan Yatra, it is mandatory to visit Madan Mohan Ji and Govind Dev Ji Temple.

The temple of Shri Madan Mohan ji is built of Karauli Stone and offers us the best example of medieval architecture. There is a circumambulatory path around the Garbhagriha. Here also beautiful pictures have been thrown. A wide open chowk beautiful and spacious Jagmohan and sanctuma sanctorum are wonderful from architectural point of view.

This temple is situated in the lap of Karauli fort and is world renowned for its vastness and beauty. One can see temples in a series here. In front of the principal temple, thee are many smaller shrines, specially in a moonlit night the beauty of the temple becomes indescribable.

All Hindus festivals are celebrated here, but those related to Radha and Krishna are celebrated with enthusiasm. They are Janmasthmi, Radha Asthmi, Gopasthmi, and Hindola etc. On every Amavasya in a month, a fair is held which is attended by thousands of local and rural people.


Additional Information

It is one of the Char Dham of Karauli District. Other three are Kaila Devi Temple, Mehandipur Balaji Temple and Shri Mahavirji. Devotees used to put the Prasad. Jugal Prasad is a kind of Bhog in which devotees offer Laddu and Kachauri. It is put once in a day by one person only. The queue for the same is around two year long.

From Jaipur International Airport the temple is 172 KM. It is 34.7 KM from Hindaun City station, 26.3 KM from Shri Mahabirji, Pataunda station and 1.7 KM from Karauli Bus Stand.
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