Lord Shiva

Temple History

The Siddha Baba Temple in Butwal is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a pilgrimage site for many Hindu devotees. The temple is found on the hills that border Butwal.

It is said that Siddha Baba will grant the wishes of the devotees who visit the temple. Every time a person's wish is granted, that person will release a pigeon at the temple. Interestingly, there is a large number of pigeons found around the temple.

Hindu people worship at the temple of Siddha Baba during the days of Saturday, Monday and various religious festivals directly and indirectly connected to god Shiva. During the festivals of Shivaratri, a large numbers of Hindus go to the temple for worship.

Festivals that are mainly celebrated are Shivaratri, Teej, Bala Chaturdashi etc.


Additional Information

In visiting the Siddha Baba Temple, it would be best to avoid going here on Saturdays if you want to avoid a large crowd. Saturday is the weekly holiday in Nepal, hence a large number of local devotees come here during that day.

From Gautam Buddha International Airport the temple is 28 KM. It is 3.3 KM from Butwal Bus Park and 2.3 KM from Traffic Chowk Bus Stop.

The temple of Siddha Baba lies in Dobhan-5, Palpa district, Nepal at a distance of about 2 km from Butwal Sub-metro city. The temple is located at left bank of Tinau Riveron the way to Pokhara via Siddhartha Highway.
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