Goddess Kali

Temple History

The name “Jeshoreshwari” means “Goddess of Jeshore”. Jeshoreshwari represents the site where the palm of Sati fell.

The temple is located in Ishwaripur, a village in Shyamnagar upazilla of Satkhira.

Legend says that the General of Maharaja Pratapaditya discovered a luminant ray of light coming from the bushes, and came upon a piece of stone carved in the form of a human palm. Later, Pratapaditya started worshiping Kali, building the Jeshoreshwari Kali Temple.

It is believed to have created by a Brahman named Anari. He created a 100-door temple for the Jeshoreshwari Peeth. But the timeline is not to be known. Later it has been renovated by Laxman Sen and Pratapaditya in their reigning periods.


Additional Information

The temple is visited by pilgrims from all over, irrespective of sectarian differences. Worship is done by the priest every Saturday and Tuesday at noon time. But before 1971, there was daily routine of worship. Every year on the day of Kali puja, the present Caretakers of the temple conduct a ceremony. There is also a Mela taking place around the temple compound.

from Jessore Airport the temple is 123 Km and from Taki road Railway Station it is 69 Km. From Shyamnagar Bus Stand the temple is 5 Km and from Ishwaripur bus stop 850 m
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