Matha Renuka Yellamma

Temple History

Balkampet Yellamma Temple is one of the ancient temples of Hyderabad. The devasthanam of this famous Temple of Hyderabad was first constructed in 15th Century, AD. That time Nobody knows anything about this particular place filled with trees and agriculture fields, people those days dug a well for water there they found surprisingly a rock with a sculpture of a devi engraved on it, they try to remove it and wanted to build well for their agriculture usage, many people tried but couldn’t move the stone because there is so much of water, people dropped the idea of shifting the idol and built a small temple for the idol. Over a period of time people came to know the water which is flowing from the head side of idol has curative powers and skin diseases are being cured and many more experiences of people over a period of time became very popular. The idol of the goddess, interestingly, lies 10 feet deeper than the ground level. There’s also a well in the Balkampet Yellamma temple complex and the devout believe that the water in the well is cure to all ailments. Hence, a bath here is believed to purify you from all skin diseases and troubles. This holy water is called ‘Theertham’. An Akhand Jyoth is also present in the temple which was lit by Sri Virupaksha Shankaracharya Swamyduring during the renovation. Also part of the temple complex are shrines dedicated to various other gods like Ganesha, Nagadevta, Rajarajeshwari, Sri Pochamma.
Balkampet Yellamma Goddess is also believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Kali. That explains the grand celebrations of Bonalu at the Balkampet Yellamma Temple. But the more important festival that the temple celebrates is the marriage ceremony of the temple goddess- Yellamma Kalyanotsavam.

Bonalu Jathara Festival at Balkampet Yellamma Temple starts after Golconda Bonalu Jathara and Ujjaini Mahankali Bonalu Jathara.


Additional Information

Buses from Secunderabad – 226E, 10AS, 10Y, 10H, 10, 10J. Buses from MGBS Bus Stop, Hyderabad – 9X, 218D, 187D, 158Y, 218LV, 225D

It's approx 10 Kms from Secunderabad Railway Station, 7 Kms from Jubilee Bus stand and 12 Kms from MGBS Bus stand. The nearest MMTS railway stations are Nature Cure Hospital station and Begumpet station.
  • 06:00am to 01:00pm and 03:00pm to 08:00pm
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  • Contact Number: 040 2370 4311