Lord Shiva

Temple History

Bhojesvar or Bhojasvamin temple houses one of the largest li?ga-s in India, 5.5 m (18 ft) tall and 2.3 m (7.5 ft) in circumference. It is crafted out a single rock.

The attribution of the temple to Bhoja is based on the testimony of Merutu?ga, who reports in the Prabandhacintama?i that Bhoja bestowed on the poet Magha “all the merit of the new Bhojasvamin temple that he was about to build himself”, and then “set out for the country of Malava.

The style of the sculpture on the building confirms an early to mid-eleventh-century date for the structure.

The building as it stands consists of the inner cella or garbhag?ha, supported by massive pillars, surmounted with an elegant corbelled dome. The outer walls and superstructure of the temple were never built.

Immediately opposite the temple, on the west side of the gorge facing the Betwa, is a rock-shelter or cave, now occupied by religious mendicants. Popularly known as Parvati's Cave, the cave contains a number of sculptures and architectural fragments dating to the eleventh century.


Additional Information

The temple at Bhojpur is unique in being left unfinished, with a series of large architectural parts still located in the quarries where the stones were cut and fashioned. In addition, there are a significant number of architectural drawings engraved on the flat surfaces of the quarry showing mouldings, pillars, and temple plans.

Also of note is the large earthen ramp behind the temple which shows how medieval craftsmen raised the large blocks of stone into position.

From Raja Bhoj Airport, Bhopal Bhojpur temple is 40.3 km. From Bhopal Junction it is 29.4 km and Habibganj station it is 22.4 km. Though Mandideep which is 10.4 km from Bhojpur temple is the nearest station, not many trains have halt here so Bhopal Junction/Habibganj is a better option. Bhojpur temple is approximately 29 km Bhopal Bus Stand. Private taxis are best options to go to Bhojpur. Private buses/mini buses are also available but not frequent.
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