Lord Krishna

Temple History

The shri vigraha of shri Atal Bihariji and Radharani was discovered by shri shri 108 Dayal Das Ji, Shri Krishna devotee, belonging to Nimbarka sect.

This temple popularly known as the Bihariji Mandir. Being one of the most scared and important pilgrim centres of state, it is probably the only temple in the North India that stands for its most divine and unique name shri Dev Atal Bihariji.
Lord Krishna and Radha, the symbol of universal love is worshiped in the temple along with other deities, Shri Dev Baldauji, Shri Dev Narsingh Bhagwan and shri Dev Bajrang bali.
Shri Vigraha of Shri Dev Atal Bihariji and Radha Rani are made of Ashta Dhatu (Eight metals). The temple is beautifully decorated with flower and multicolored wall paintings.


Additional Information

This is the place where on can experience Vrindavana. The temples , streets all resemble that too in Vrindavana

From Dumna Airport Jabalpur it is 214 Km. From Sagar station it is 2.4 Km and from main bus stand it is 1.8 Km. Rahatgarh Bus Stand is only 850m from the temple. Only autos private vehicles are advisable to go the temple. The city buses are not available on this route
  • 7:30 AMto 12:30 PM, 5:00 PMto 10:00 PM
  • Contact Person: Pt. Amit Chachaundiya Maharaj
  • Contact Number: +919753537288