Goddess Kalika

Temple History

Gadkalika Temple holds an astonishing legend which states that, Kalidasa, the great poet had obtained his actual skills by his genuine devotion to this deity. Gadkalika temple is the temple where Kalidasa got his boon from Maa. The Maa with her beautiful eyes is a joy to behold. The present temple is not very old. It is believed that it stands in the same site where the older temple stood. During 7th century, Harshavardhana modernized the temple. The former Gwalior rulers rebuilt this holy shrine to its former glory. Digging which was held near the temple premises unearthed bricks, a part of the plinth and other sculptures that were affiliated to various periods.


Additional Information

he temple sits on a plinth in the centre of a small courtyard with rooms all around. A golden lion gazes into the sanctum of this single-celled temple. The idol of Kalika is red head wearing a silver crown. An unusual feature of this temple is that its tower has red-and-white candy stripes painted horizontally on it. It also has a masonry Light Tower or deepstambh, presumably built when the Scindias renovated the temple.

From Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport, Indore the temple is around 65.0 Km and 4.0 Km from Ujjain Junction. From Shaheed Raja Bhau Mahakal Bus Stand,Ujjain it is 4.0 Km. Sharing autos, mini buses and taxis are available from Station and Bus stand. Ujjain darshan bus is also a good option to visit temples in Ujjain
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