Lord Shiva

Temple History

Swayam Bhu Siddhpeeth Shri Gupteshwar Mahadev resides inside a cave. Shri Shiva Mahapuran relates this Shiva linga with Rameswaram Joytir Linga. It is said that Lord Sri Ram, during his exile came to the bank of holy river Narmada and performed Jal Abhishek of Swayam Bhu Siddhpeeth Shri Gupteshwar Mahadev for an entire month. The temple is well known in Jabalpur and draws devotees from other nearby cities. Still it is believed that those who visit the Gupteshwar Mahadev, will never be touched by any of the five doshas even in their dreams, all their desires are fulfilled and if the devotee carry’s out the Jal Abhishek ceremony with water from Maa-Narmada for a month, Lord Shiva is bound to provide a glimpse and fulfill all his worldly and heavenly desires no matter how colossal they may seem, for this what lord shiva pledged to lord shri Rama during his stay.


Additional Information

Gupteshwar mela (fair) is organised every year on Shivratri day and during Shravan somvaars. The temple offers Rudrabhishek facilities for the devotees who can book schedule and the temple management makes all arrangements for the abhishekam by charging a nominal amount.

Opposite to the temple, Mata Parwati temple is also there which must also be visited by those visiting Shri Gupteshwar Mahadev Mandir

From Jabalpur Airport the temple is around 18 Km. From Jabalpur railway station it is around 5 Km and from Madan Mahal station 2.0 km. Wright town Bus Stand is 3.5 Km , Damoh Naka Bus stand is 5 km and Nagpur Bus Stand is 4 Km. City buses are available from Railway stations and bus stands but from airport taxi and three wheeler auto are the only options.
  • 5 AM-1 PM, 5 PM to 9 PM
  • Contact Person: Swami Mukunddasji Maharaj
  • Contact Number: +91-9425154531