Mahamaya and Mahalaya

Temple History

This ancient temple is approximately 2000 years old. This temple is one of the ancient temples of king Vikramaditya’s time. King Vikramaditya established the idol of goddess after doing spiritual practices and meditation here and it is considered as a Sidh peeth. Two goddess are residing here Mahamaya and Mahalaya. It is said that this two are sisters. Mahamaya is older and Mahalaya is younger. This place is built on 24 columns and thus this temple is famous with the name of 24 Khamba Mataji.

This goddess is also known in the form of Mahakal goddess rampart. Long years ago from today, the entrance gate of Mahakal were opened from her. Prior, devotees used to greet 24 Khamba Mataji and then they use to enter the Mahakal temple. Today also when ride of Mahakal is done first of all palanquin of Mahakal stops at 24 Khamba Mataji. The prayer of goddess is done here and then the ride moves forward.

Nagar prayer is offered here every year on Kwar – Shukla Paksha – Ashtami, which comes before Dussehra. This prayer starts from 24 Khamba Mataji and ends at Gadhkalika temple. In this complete tour total 40 goddess and Bheruji temple’s comes. Prior, this prayer was done by king and now it is done by collector and commissioner. Before the independence buffalo was offered to the prayer. Now only simple prayer is offered in which alcohol, Abir, Gulal, Puri, Bhajiye etc items are there.


Additional Information

Chaubis Khamba Temple which is a powerful structure of the 9th or 10th century AD.According to olden tradition this was the majestic entrance gate of the magnificient Mahakala-Vana.

One can imagine the dimensions of the boundary-wall of the conventionally recognized Mahakala-vana, which is now covered under thick inhabitation.The remains of the boundary wall are also in existence near this gate. Architectural design of the twenty four ornate columns which belongs to this century only is here.There are two magnificent images of Goddesses are described on each side of the gate with the inscription of their names on the foot steps.

From Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport, Indore the temple is around 59.4 Km and 1.2 Km from Ujjain Junction. From Shaheed Raja Bhau Mahakal Bus Stand,Ujjain it is 1.2 Km. Sharing autos, mini buses and taxis are available from Station and Bus stand. Ujjain darshan bus is also a good option to visit temples in Ujjain
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